“We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals”

Immanual Kant , Philosopher

'Our aim is to promote welfare through affordable education within the animal care industry, to allow those that really do care to clearly demonstrate to others that they put animal welfare first, and to raise money for a variety of worthy animal welfare projects' - Dean Hart MSc CFBA, AABP Founder of Welfare Winners.

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What is a Welfare Winner?

A Welfare Winner is a professional within the animal industry that has proven knowledge, skills and application, sufficient to demonstrate their ability to minimise anxiety, stress, fear or phobic response from the animals in their care. They can be a dog walker, pet groomer, veterinary surgeon, or small animal hydro-therapist as examples. They must be somebody that possesses true empathy, and compassion and takes animal care within their profession seriously. 

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How do I gain a Professional Award?

When you enrol for this Professional Award,  you will be sent Your 'WW Course Materials Pack'. Within this will be your 'Personalised Evidence Portfolio' and instructions to follow for study. You will need to complete your Evidence Portfolio in full and when completed, return it to your assigned Tutor. Once your 'Portfolio' has been assessed and you have been successful you will be then be awarded your Professional Award Certificate and Accreditation Certificate.

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Why is there a cost?

Part of the income from this Professional Award covers the administrative and tutor fees. Any profits we make are put to good use within animal welfare. This Professional Award is run through the award winning Canine Studies College and both are established as 'not for profit'.  Any profit is reinvested into various animal welfare projects in the UK and in Sicily, Italy. Like feeding and spaying feral animals. For further information on our work and our not for profit 'objects', visit sicilyanimalsupport.info


How much does the Professional Award cost?

The fee for this award is £245, there are no hidden extras. This fee includes your 'WW Course Material Pack'. Your pack contains study guidance, a work book, instructions on gaining the award and guidance on producing your Evidence Portfolio. Your fee also covers registration and certification with the awarding body.  

Please Note: There are no refunds made, without exception. Your statutory rights are not affected. 

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What does the Professional Award Cover?

Your 'WW Course Materials Pack' contains an introduction to understanding animal welfare, ethics and application of policies and procedures in *SME. In addition to animal learning theories and their application within the animal care industry, animal communication, hormones, how to approach and handle animals appropriately, and marketing positive welfare practice. 

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What evidence do I need to produce?

 Your 'WW Work book' contains a number of questions which you will need to research and complete, in addition to this you will need to produce written details and copies of the appropriate policies and procedures in place to ensure welfare. Plus photographs of you during work and videos of you carrying out set tasks required in your 'WW Course Materials Pack'. 

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Need to know a bit more? 

If you are thinking of gaining this Professional Award then you may want to read through some of the more common questions and answers, these will be available on our site very soon. If you still have questions and want to know more then please email us, no matter what you would like to know.                 [email protected]

What our Welfare Winners say

Many thanks for the opportunity to take this Award, although I have already trained in some of these areas the information on policy and procedure at work was an eye opener! I have already made excellent changes and reduced some of my furry friends' stress levels in the salon, my evidence will be with you soon - thank you, 

Trudy Harris - Birmingham

'Show off just how much you do care'

email: [email protected]

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In association with

The Welfare Winners Professional Award is run through and in association with the international award winning Canine Studies College. Formerly a Kennel Club Preferred Educational Partner -  one of only seven organisations to meet the exacting standards required for this prestigious role. 

The Kennel club no longer run this service and ended the PEP Scheme in March 2019.

The Canine Studies college now offers professional mentoring and coaching services - a not for profit organisation.